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Hi! I am Denise Locsin and I am on a mission to help you make getting healthy fun, simple and super effective. I am a mom of 4 young adults, a wife, owner of Hi5 Produce, health coach and speaker. I am passionate about helping the next generation and those who are creating the future get healthy.

I am also super excited to share tools, tips and resources that I have learned over the years that can help you reach new discoveries in your health. There are so many advancements in gut health, fitness, weight loss, prevention, anti-aging, brain health and many more areas. How can one keep up?? That is what I do! My obsession is exploring, experimenting and discovering the greatest resources and breakthroughs, pull out the golden nuggets and share them with you. I like to call myself a “nutty biohacker”. Wondering where to being? Start with the Grid!



Start here!!  Downloading the GRID is the first step to simplifying your path to great energy and super health.  Being healthy is about balance and looking at all aspects that impact your health and the GRID is the tool to that pulls it all together.  Use the GRID as a tracker for few weeks to become aware of your health patterns and then use it as your strategy plan to design your future.   

I want every employee to know exactly what to do to take their health to the next level in a way that is super simple and super effective.
— Denise Locsin

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Registered Nurse, massage therapist, health coach, serial entrepreneur, author, speaker, mom