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Hello Friend!

I’m Denise!
I’m a happy lifestyle and gut health expert and a stress less coach! I’m currently co-founder of several health and wellness businesses that serve the Silicon Valley Bay Area. I am a living testimony of what I teach and that is to get to the root of your health issue if you want live a life with more joy and energy!

I’m Very Excited That You Are Here!! I have been passionate about health my whole life and I am excited to share that with you.

But I hated feeling tired and foggy headed and I had a feeling it was my diet. I decided to become an RN to learn about health. Then I became a certified massage therapist in 1990 so that I could be a better nurse. I became obsessed with the holistic health world from herbs and supplements to spas and colonics.

In 1996 my husband, Dan, and I started a corporate wellness company to help people eat healthy at work. That company is Hi5 Produce and we serve thousands of people in the Silicon Valley healthy fruit and snacks everyday.

We raised 4 children, started a fitness company and lived a super busy, but good life. Then in 2014 I was diagnosed with gastric lymphoma. That diagnosis seemed impossible because I knew so much about health. I thought to myself, “what was I missing?”

I was “DOING” a lot of “HEALTHY” things but I wasn’t addressing the root cause of my health challenge. I had become very good at masking symptoms and drinking more caffeine for energy. I had no idea that my poor health in childhood was still affecting my health in adulthood. I also had no idea that stress was like adding kerosene to an already weak body.

I know now that a few little functional lab tests could have shown me where I had an infection and weakness. Health is so simple and I was making it SOOOO complicated.

That is why I am on a mission to help people discover the root cause of their health challenge and teach them how to get control of their health.

I hope our paths cross and I get to help you on your journey!!


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